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Karen Dunning sings Amazing Grace with Roger and Grace dog
Karen Dunning
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"Knights & Princesses"
Karen Dunning
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Karen Dunning
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Karen Dunning
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Karen Dunning
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“To be President of the United States so I can create World Peace” was my life goal I submitted to Miss Sovey, my 6th grade student teacher.  She wrote in big red letters, “World peace is a good goal, but to be President is selfish”, and gave me a bad grade on the assignment.  Devastated, I gave up my aspiration to be President, but kept my goal to create world peace.  I contribute to world peace by having my own inner peace, and so do you.


I am One Piece of Peace, and so are you.


The Karen Dunning Peace Song Contest was held in 2012 to add peace to the world. Every song about peace contributes to our world and creates more peace. We are all connected to each other and each individual action effects the entire world. 


It was delightful to be a part of something bigger than myself, and was an inspiration to write more songs about peace.  I am grateful to all who submitted songs!

Much love to all from Karen and Grace dog

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