• Karen Dunning

My Editorial to the Lincoln Journal Star Lincoln NE before January 6 2021

Stand up with me for democracy and peace

By Karen Dunning submitted to Lincoln Journal Star January 2, 2021

Dear Fellow Nebraskans,

I lived in Lincoln most of my life and was an active republican (prochoice christian) through the 1990's until I moved to the west coast. When the Republican Party veered away from their stated ideals of not interfering with an individuals right to privacy by added an anti-choice plank to their platform, I stood up for individual rights and urged recision. I sat through a painful Lancaster County republican convention where the party nearly passed a resolution to shoot any doctor on sight for performing a legal abortion.

When Donald Trump decimated the Republican Party in 2016 it was easy for me to see what type of person he was because in the past I, too, had been bamboozled by the same type of person. It took professional counseling in 1996 for me to get "deprogrammed" and back to my own reality and sever all ties with this type of person. I have empathy for people who were fooled by Donald Trump due to my past where I was also fooled.

I have been dismayed as the republicans in Congress have let Donald Trump get away with his actions of decimating our country. Now he, along with other misguided republicans, are trying to overthrow a fair and free election, after again losing the popular vote, this time by over 7million votes.

Please speak up with me for our democracy and let's all support President elect Joe Biden for the greater good of our country.

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