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From Mentee to Mentor


Thank you to all the role models who have guided me along my path.  You have inspired me to guide others and to be a mentor, too.

One memory I have is when I was asked to teach finance to a fifth grade class in Lincoln, Nebraska. I had read a study that said teachers called on boys more than girls, so I purposely called on every other one, boy / girl / boy / girl for every class I taught.  After about two weeks of this, I noticed the girls were much more enthusiastic and engaged than they were in the first week. As I continued calling on the students, boy / girl / boy / girl, I heard a boy whisper to another boy, "She NEVER calls on boys." The boys were so used to being called on more often than girls that even when they were still being called on 50% of the time, they complained that I NEVER called on them. The girls shined being treated equally.

As adults, it is our responsibility to raise a healthy, fair, kind, compassionate society.

As I become more healthy, I can teach others by my example.

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