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Professor of Practice, Entrepreneurship, at American University Nigeria, 8/2011

My purpose in coming to AUN as a Professor of Practice in Entrepreneurship is to teach future leaders of Nigeria, and make a positive impact. As each day passes, I learn and accept that what I came to do is not possible due to the artificial constraints in place. Nigeria faces many challenges that only Nigerians can choose to face or ignore. Corruption is accepted and constant, power blackouts occur numerous times/day with guards turning on the generators that profit the rich elite, running water is for the rich, malaria is endemic, poverty is widespread, children beg in the streets.  Oil profits benefit the rich elite, and the basic infrastructure suffers. Nigeria is ripe for a revolution of the poor masses to rise up against their rich, selfish leaders. The age of consent for a woman is 12 years old. 12 year old girls forced into marriage and having babies, where both baby and child bride die. The Lamido has 60 childtren. His father before him had 64 children. One in 10 babies die according to a local female leader, the 2nd highest in the world.

As a white person in Nigeria, I am on a pedestal of a hierarchal society.  I am allowed to live in a big house with a driver and a chef, running water, and air conditioned rooms. I still suffer the incessant power blackouts and power surges that explode my computer power supply, and render technology useless. I am victim to the local scams of paying for stolen cell phone cards with no recourse, being charged 4-10 times more than a Nigerian because I am white, having to live in a gated compound with armed guards because I am white, being told not to ride a bicycle on the streets due to the danger, working at a University with 425 guards for a student body of 1500 students. AUN is home to mostly rich elite children of rich elite. AUN entry standards are lower than other Nigerian Universities. Nigeria suffers at the hands of their own leaders.

My computer is cyber attacked, causing endless hours to get back to zero. I learn that most of the worlds' bank fraud originates in Nigeria.The Boca Haram takes responsibility for bombing the UN building in Abuja, killing 18, a few weeks after I arrive in Nigeria.

I resign from AUN on Sept 4 due to health reasons. That same evening two AUN students are assassinated with bullets through their heads while shopping in Jimeta.

I pray Nigeria's leaders will take heed to the words of their beautiful Nigerian Anthem - To serve our father land with love and strength and Faith, one nation bound in Freedom, peace and Unity, to build a nation where peace and justice reigns.

Nigerian Anthem

Arise, O Compatriots,

Nigeria's Call obey

To serve our Fatherland

With love and strength and Faith.

The Labour of our heroes past

Shall Never be in Vain,

To serve with heart and might

One nation bound in Freedom, Peace and Unity.

O God of Creation,

Direct our noble cause;

Guide our leaders right:

Help our youth the truth to know,

In love and honesty to grow,

And live in Just and Truth,

Great Lofty Heights attain,

To build a Nation where Peace

and Justice Reigns.

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